Team Member Expectations

Heights Tigersharks Team Member Expectations


All team members, regardless of age or skill level, are expected to give their best effort in every practice and meet. This includes striving to be a great athlete and teammate. 



All team members, regardless of age or skill level, are expected to have a team-first mentality combined with a drive for personal success. The coaches will challenge the swimmers every day in practice and at meets, and the swimmers are expected to embrace the challenges and push themselves out of their comfort zones, both for personal gains and for the benefit of the team. 


Disrespectful or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Coaches may remove a swimmer from practice at any time, at which point that practice will not be counted toward the swimmer’s required weekly attendance. Coaches may hold a swimmer out of competition or remove a swimmer from the team entirely. These decisions are made by the coaches and are final. Adherence to team policies, program standards, and coaches’ instructions is required at all times. 



Each team member must achieve the minimum requirements each week to be able to participate in that week’s meet and to remain in good standing with the team. Please see the practice schedule and training group outline for details. 



All team members are expected to attend and to participate, as assigned by the coaches, in every meet. The coaches understand that conflicts arise, especially in the summer, and exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Each meet requires a lot of preparation by the coaches and lineups have to be submitted in advance. Any small change to the entries causes a ripple effect, which can hurt the team and cost other team members the opportunity to compete. You will be provided with a form to fill out at the beginning of the season to list any meets you anticipate missing. Please let the coaches know of any conflicts as soon as possible.


Not every swimmer will compete in his or her preferred events at every meet. Sometimes the team will need them to swim an event they don’t like. Sometimes the coaches will want to challenge them with a new event. Swimmers must accept the lineup as decided by the coaches and compete with their best effort.