Heights Tigersharks Training Groups

GroupAgeSkill LevelPractice Required    Per WeekTraining Ratio
Tiger Black6-9BeginnerIntroduction to competitive swimming.  Consistent demonstration of comfort in the water, safety and 25-yard swimming ability is required.375% Technique / 25% Conditioning
Tiger Gold6-9Intermediate
Swimmers with previous team experience who have passed all levels of the Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program and/or who demonstrate comparable skills and strength.
370% Technique / 30% Conditioning
Shark Black9-13Beginner / IntermediateUpper-Elementary and Middle School-aged swimmers who are able to demonstrate consistent safety and comfort in the water and swim at least 50 yards without stopping.460% Technique / 40% Conditioning
Shark Gold9-13Intermediate / Pre-SeniorUpper-Elementary and Middle School-aged swimmers with competitive swimming experience who demonstrate a strong commitment to the sport and the team, and who are on track for the Senior level.450% Technique / 50% Conditioning
Senior Black12-16Intermediate / AdvancedMiddle School and High School-aged swimmers with prior experience and the requisite skills, strength and commitment to train and perform at an advanced level.535% Technique / 65% Conditioning
Senior Gold14-18Advanced / EliteHigh School-aged swimmers with advanced skills, strength and competitive swimming experience.  USA Swimming and High School Varsity-level swimmers who demonstrate the highest levels of dedication and commitment to the sport and the team.520% Technique / 80% Conditioning

*Coaches may move swimmers to a different group based on skill level.