Cleveland Guardians Roller Derby

Guardians Logo

Established in 2013, the Cleveland Guardians are a full-contact flat-track roller derby team founded here in The Land. Full-contact flat track roller derby isn’t like your roller derby from TV, it is a full-contact sport with real bouts (games), with real hits, complete with rules and penalties. 

The Cleveland Guardians are a member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) and they compete against teams across the country and the world. Their team mission is to provide the opportunity for all people to participate in the challenging, competitive and exciting sport of flat track roller derby. To foster teamwork, leadership and philanthropy, as well as provide a safe, active and thriving community for all. 

The Cleveland Guardians are celebrating their 10-year anniversary season at the Cleveland Heights Community Center's South Rink. Come out and see what Cleveland Guardians Roller Derby is all about! 

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Photo credits: Victoria Stanbridge