What amenities does the Community Center have?

The Community Center has two ice rinks, a gym, a fitness center and indoor four-lane track Senior Activity Center, meeting rooms and rental spaces, concession stand, all purpose pathway, grass recreation area and a nearby nature trail.

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1. Are there fees for usage, classes, programs, leagues?
2. Can I get a membership to the Community Center?
3. Do you have meeting rooms available for rental?
4. Do you have to be a resident of Cleveland Heights to use the Community Center?
5. I am a resident and pay taxes; why must I pay user fees also?
6. Scholarships are available for Cleveland Heights residents. Why are they not available for University Heights residents?
7. What amenities does the Community Center have?
8. What are the hours of the Community Center?
9. What determines open gym times?
10. What determines the Community Center days/hours?
11. What do I need to do to register for programs and/or become a member?
12. Where is the Community Center located?