Does Cleveland Heights have a dog park?

No, but residents can use the Dog Park at Quarry Park in South Euclid Cleveland Heights residents and their canine companions can have fun and interact with other dogs and dog lovers at the South Euclid Dog Park. Please visit the South Euclid Parks website for complete information about the South Euclid Dog Park. You will find many helpful hints (rules, what to bring, etc.) on the site. The South Euclid Dog Park is located in Quarry Park North at the corner of Monticello Boulevard and South Belvoir Boulevard in South Euclid. The park features include a 4-ft high chain link fence, double-gated entry, poop bags for waste removal, a water spigot to keep Rover hydrated during those dog days of summer, park benches, several majestic shade trees, and ample parking.

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1. Does Cleveland Heights have a dog park?
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