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Snowplow 1 - 4: A program designed for ages 3 to 5 years. This tot beginner program is designed to make the skaters more comfortable and in control when they are on the ice. The Snowplow Program includes 4 levels. Snowplow Sam 1 introduces skills such as marching across the ice (both forward and backward), gliding, and the proper falling and standing techniques. Snowplow Sam 2 introduces skills such as swizzles, slaloms, and stronger forward and backward skating. Snowplow 3 introduces skills such as backward swizzles, forward to backward turns, snowplow stops, one-foot gliding. Snowplow Sam 4 introduces backwards two foot glides, two foot turns and much more.

Basic 1: This program is designed for the beginner skater ages 6 and over. Students learn proper falling and standing skills, forward and backward skating, two-foot glides and beginning stops.

Recreational Skating

Basic 2: This class introduces one-foot glides, backward glides, backward swizzles, two-foot turns and moving snowplow stops.

Basic 3: This class refines the correct use of the skate blade and includes forward stroking, backward one-foot glides, one-foot pumps and an introduction to crossovers.

Basic 4: Skaters learn to use both the outside and inside edges of the blade, forward cross-overs both clockwise and counter-clockwise, proper backward stroking, backward stopping and spins.

Basic 5: This class begins backward cross-overs in both directions, 3-turns, the hockey stop, backward outside and inside edges.

Basic 6: This class includes advanced turns, T-stops, bunny hops, spirals and lunges.

Beginning Figure Skating

Pre-Freeskate: Formerly Basic 7 and 8. These classes are designed as an introduction to figure skating. The class will include a waltz jump, on-foot spin, mazurka and other advanced skills to pursue the sport of figure skating.

Freeskate: For those skaters who want to progress to the advanced levels of figure skating. The Freeskate classes cover all of the basic jumps, spins and footwork to become a competitive figure skater.

Beginning Hockey

Tot-Hockey: In conjunction with the Youth Hockey program, the Learn to Skate program is offering classes for the beginning hockey player, or for those who are looking to receive an introduction to hockey skating skills. Prerequisite: Completed Snowplow Sam 3.

Learn to Play Hockey: For boys and girls ages 6-10 who have completed 2-4 Learn to Skate sessions of Tot Hockey, are ready for basic stick handling, and a higher level of hockey skating skills. Click here for more information.