Birthday Parties*

Our birthday party packages are designed for those skaters 7 years of age or older. If your skater is under the age of 7 we require you to contact our Learn to Skate Director, Miss Erin Email Miss Erin to make arrangements so that your party-goers have the best possible experience.

Successful tips to a skating birthday party!

1.    Knowledge of Basic Skating Concepts

2.    Proper skate fitting and lacing

3.    A lesson to assist birthday party guests, especially if they have never skated before.

4.    Choose one of our packages to make your party planning easier.

Party Package 1- Just the Basics (Residents $140) (Non-Residents $210)

Party Package 2- Al la Carte-If you so choose additional extra items to go with Package 1 (Range from $25-$75)

Party Package 3- All In! (Resident $290) (Non-Residents $310)

Party Package 4- Private Rink Rental.  Please contact Kelly Taylor at 216-691-7434 or Email Kelly

Birthday Party Brochure (PDF)

*For best results please request your party one month in advance.  Special events (holidays, meets, tournaments, etc.) can affect availability.  Thank you.