Pool Patron Code of Conduct

Cumberland Pool Code of Conduct

The following is prohibited:

  1. Use of obscene, profane, vulgar, derogatory, demeaning or threatening language or gestures.
  2. Disregarding pool rules and procedures.
  3. Entering the facility by means other than proper check-in procedures.
  4. Threats and attempts to intimidate employees, lifeguards or guests.
  5. Throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner.
  6. Physically striking another individual.
  7. Attempts to goad or incite violence in others.
  8. Vandalism to City property.
  9. Racial or ethnic slurs.
  10. Spitting.
  11. Lewd or lascivious sexual behavior.
  12. Theft of property or possession of weapons.
  13. Use of drugs or alcohol.

Individuals who engage in any of the above behaviors will be subject to immediate ejection from the property or facility and is subject to mandatory suspension from City property.  Possible criminal charge by the Cleveland Heights Police Department may follow.